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Sky Blues International

Back in the ’90s, then CCLSC Chair Jonathan Strange and Joe Elliott from the Club established the first Sky Blues International group. Today, many members from the Coventry area support the club from places like Australia, Canada, most of Europe, New Zealand, UAE and the USA.  

Other members have adopted the Sky Blues from their home country, having seen them on TV (often back in the Premier League heyday), being given a City shirt as a child or through playing Subbuteo or (more recently) Football Manager.

Bringing together existing fan communities helps the club and makes supporting CCFC more rewarding for us all. So following the successes of the club last season and the continued uplift in members from around the world, we’re taking membership of SBI to the next level.

We currently have members in over 30 countries. The maps on the (following page) show the locations of members around the globe. 

What we’re doing:

Meet-ups Where membership numbers allow, we’ll be working to create more regular meet-ups for City fans everywhere (and any local converts they wish to bring along). We had groups meeting to watch the play-offs in places like Dubai, Bangkok and Oslo, which we’ll aim to build on for the coming season. 

Dedicated Facebook page The new Sky Blue International (SBI) Facebook page is live. This will be a private group, available through Facebook on your computer browser or your mobile app. Click here to access the group.

This page will be run by Jorg Nannestad, founder of the renowned Coventry City Scandinavian Supporters Club.

What we need from you

Register for SBI Remember, being a part of the SBI community is completely free. If you reside permanently outside of the UK, then you qualify. All you need to do is click here for the SBI registration page. 

Back in 2018, to comply with the various data protection legislation, we decided to only collect members’ name, email, and country. At that time that was all the information required to be able to send the monthly newsletter and other info to you. To facilitate the full benefits of being a member, such as ticket allocations and physical meet-ups, we are requesting some additional information this time around. Any personal data collected will comply with our privacy policy.

Tell your friends: SBI is only as successful as the strength of its community. If you know someone who would be interested in joining SBI, then please send them to this page.