GDPR Privacy Notice

Collecting and Storing Data

CCLSC collects and stores personal information about its members (as described by the CCLSC Constitution), and Sky Blue International members. This is limited to their postal address, their email address, their telephone numbers, their date of birth, their season ticket or CCFC supporter numbers, and their subscription to age-related travel cards. This information is stored electronically on a cloud-based system and is accessible only by designated CCLSC postholders who will use the data to provide services to members. The designated postholders will be approved at the Annual General Meeting and any postholder vacancy between AGMs will be approved by the CCLSC Executive Committee.

Some data may also be stored on password protected smartphones owned by designated postholders, and will only be used by them in connection with CCLSC services to members.

A wider email address list of non-members is maintained for the purpose of distributing messages by the Communications Officer to other CCFC supporters, and this will also be stored on the cloud-based storage system. These supporters have the same rights to amend or delate their email data as CCLSC and SBI members, as described in this notice.


Processing Data

CCLSC processes the data in the following ways.

1) Personal data is used by the Travel Secretary to purchase travel tickets. Data related to members’ subscription to discount rail cards is stored to ensure members enjoy minimum costs for travelling to games.

2) Personal data is used by the Ticketing Officer to purchase match tickets. Data related to members’ dates of birth are stored to ensure members enjoy minimum costs for match tickets.

3) Personal data is used by the Communications Officer to send email messages to members, and newsletters through Mailchimp to CCLSC members and to SBI members.

4) Personal data is used by the Social Secretary to create separate event attendance lists, which may be stored electronically for a limited period.

5) Personal data is used by the Treasurer to maintain records of subscriptions and payment for services provided by CCLSC.

6) Personal data is used by the CCLSC WhatsApp administrators to create WhatsApp group lists for specific matches to help attending members communicate with each other on the day of the event.

7) CCLSC Officers may use personal data of members in other ways to pursue the objectives of the club.


Storage and Deletion of Data

Electronic data of CCLSC members and SBI members will be updated and/or can be deleted on request by emailing – An acknowledgement email will be sent to confirm changes or deletions of data.

In the case of family membership, the adult who paid the subscription will be responsible for the data of family members under 18 years-old (where their data is separately recorded on the CCLSC database) and may request changes or deletion of their children’s data as described in the paragraph above.

Data will be held on the cloud-based storage system for a period not exceeding 6 months from the time an individual fails to renew their membership, either by subscription or by ceasing to be an SBI member.


Sharing of Data

 Personal data will be shared with CCFC or other third parties in the following circumstances

  1. a) To allow the Ticketing Officer to use season ticket or supporter numbers to obtain match tickets.
  2. b) To obtain entry to events organised at the Ricoh Arena or other venues with restricted entry hired for CCLSC events.


Accessing Data

Members have a legal right to access the information stored by CCLSC. Any request should be made to the designated ICT Officer by email to



Any complaint about the misuse of personal data by CCLSC should be sent to the CCLSC Data Protection Officer at

Alternatively, any complaint can be sent to the Information Commissioner’s Office: online at or by phone 0303 123 1113, or write to: Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF


Please reply to the email message to provide consent for your personal data to be used in the ways described in this notice.