On Monday evening, 22 November 1976 , eleven young Coventry City supporters gathered at the King’s Arms in Poland Street, Soho, in central London. They asked each other if they had been to Villa Park on Saturday, managed to get hold of a copy of the “Pink” or even watched the TV highlights on Sunday afternoon with Huw Johns? 

Most likely they only got the condensed version in London on the Big Match and whatever was reported in the national papers. 

Something needed to be done to meet the needs of long-distance supporters. Colin Heys’ initiative became a reality that night and the Coventry City London Supporters Club (CCLSC) was born.


CCLSC are members of the Association of Provincial Football Supporters Clubs in London (APFSCIL) and the Football Supporters Association (FSA).

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Individual Membership £15.00, Junior Membership (12-18 at 31 July 2024) 5.00, Under 12 Membership (at 31 July 2024) Free.   

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