Welcome to the new season and a brand new CCLSC Robin Ogleby Forecasting Competition!

Its that time of year to get your thinking caps on and predict how your Sky Blues will do now they are back at The Coventry Building Society Arena. Don’t be afraid of being bold with your predictions. And don’t forget the competition isn’t over until the very last game

With immense sadness we lost our friend Robin earlier in the year who has organised the forecasting competition for many years. In memory of Robin the competition will now be known as The Robin Ogleby Forecasting Competition.

Congratulations to last years winner Chrstian Mullen. After some consistently strong results throughout the season, Christian went one better than his runners up spot back in 2014/15. He managed to hold off stiff competition from a handful of rivals – a point on the final day of the season proving just enough to see him home.

There are a number of entry options here. The competition is free and open to all. Submit your entry online or before the first game of the season on 7th August to Rod Williams, who will attempt to fill the void left by Robin

You can fill in the form below and submit it automatically. You can type your scores into each box and as a shortcut, press the Tab key to move to the next box. Don’t forget to click the SUBMIT button at the end. As soon as you submit your entry you should receive an email with a list of your submitted predictions.

Or, you can print out your entry form and fill it in manually and then either send it to Rod on the competitions email address, or hand it in to a member of the CCLSC Committee before the start of the season.

To download the form, click on the appropriate link below.

Click to download a printable form (PDF format).

Click to download the Excel version.

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    1. Nottingham Forest (H) For Against
    2. Barnsley (A) For Against
    3. Blackpool (A) For Against
    4. Reading (H) For Against
    5. Queens Park Rangers (A) For Against
    6. Middlesbrough (H) For Against
    7. Cardiff City (H) For Against
    8. Millwall (A) For Against
    9. Peterborough United (H) For Against
    10. Luton Town (A) For Against
    11. Fulham (H) For Against
    12. Blackburn Rovers (A) For Against
    13. Preston North End (A) For Against
    14. Derby County (H) For Against
    15. Hull City (A) For Against
    16. Swansea City (H) For Against
    17. Bristol City (H) For Against
    18. Sheffield United (A) For Against
    19. Birmingham City (H) For Against
    20. Bournemouth (A) For Against
    21. West Bromwich Albion (H) For Against
    22. Huddersfield Town (A) For Against
    23. Stoke City (H) For Against
    24. Cardiff City (A) For Against
    25. Millwall (H) For Against
    26. Luton Town (H) For Against
    27. Peterborough United (A) For Against
    28. Queens Park Rangers (H) For Against
    29. Middlesbrough (A) For Against
    30. Nottingham Forest (A) For Against
    31. Blackpool (H) For Against
    32. Reading (A) For Against
    33. Barnsley (H) For Against
    34. Bristol City (A) For Against
    35. Preston North End (H) For Against
    36. Swansea City (A) For Against
    37. Sheffield United (H) For Against
    38. Hull City (H) For Against
    39. Derby County (A) For Against
    40. Blackburn Rovers (H) For Against
    41. Fulham (A) For Against
    42. Birmingham City (A) For Against
    43. Bournemouth (H) For Against
    44. West Bromwich Albion (A) For Against
    45. Huddersfield Town (H) For Against
    46. Stoke City (A) For Against